PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing

Childhood Creativity

April 06, 2022 Jade Green & David Mackenzie Season 1 Episode 10
PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing
Childhood Creativity
Show Notes

It’s ‘Childhood Month’ on Pivotal Slice! Your hosts discuss the link between past experiences and present beliefs about art, work and self-worth. They ask the question: ‘Are all children inherently creative?’ and explore the genesis of their own relationships to creativity. 

In the second half of the episode, Jade and David share pieces of work inspired by childhood and talk about how they created them.

You can read ‘Voices’, by Jade Green, in full here: https://www.orangesjournal.com/fiction/voices-jade-green 

Or listen to the audio version: https://soundcloud.com/jade-green-writer/voices-short-story

Music by David Mackenzie – purchase ‘Green’ on Bandcamp: https://davidmackenzie.bandcamp.com/

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Be kind to your inner child!