PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing

Immersive Theatre with Jess-Luisa Flynn & Neil Connolly

August 01, 2023 Jade Green & David Mackenzie
PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing
Immersive Theatre with Jess-Luisa Flynn & Neil Connolly
Show Notes

Come with us on an immersive journey through sound and stories!

We connect with influential people within the immersive theatre world: Actor and Director Jess-Luisa Flynn and Creative Director Neil Connolly. They discuss the role of immersive art today, removing audiences from their reality, and the re-emergence of more traditional art forms that has factored into the immersive theatre boom.

Throughout the episode you’ll also hear music and sound design from David’s immersive theatre collaborations.

Discover our guests:

Jess-Luisa Flynn
Jessie-Lu Flynn is an actor, host and immersive theatre maker from London. She is the founder of Wide Eyes Immersive. Jess is particularly drawn to comedy and enjoys making work that is heightened, absurd, punk in spirit and infused with a cinematic glamour, inspired by the movies of the 1940s and 50s. She has worked for over fifteen years at festivals, including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Boomtown fair - hosting stages and making immersive installations. She has appeared in political stunts for Channel Four's 'The Ministry of Justice' and Don't Panic TV. She was just elected by Equity members as a spokesperson for ADHD actors, a subject she is very passionate about.

Wide Eyes / Instagram / LinkedIn

Neil Connolly
Having been at the vanguard of playable & immersive theatre since 2007, Neil had a career-defining opportunity in 2019 when he devised, wrote & directed an immersive experience for HRH Elizabeth II as part of Sainsbury's 150th birthday celebrations. This makes him the only immersive theatre & game maker in the world to have the Queen attend one of their experiences. In a distinguished career spanning 18 years, Neil has brought that passion to every facet of themed entertainment in the creative development and production of theatre & attractions. As Creative Director for the Everywhere Group, Neil is working on creative development of show and attraction content for projects across the UK, Europe, North America & Asia.

Immersive Everywhere / Instagram / Twitter

Music and production by David Mackenzie


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