PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing

Screenwriting with Caitlin Durante

February 21, 2022 Jade Green & David Mackenzie Season 1 Episode 7
PIVOTAL SLICE: on writing & composing
Screenwriting with Caitlin Durante
Show Notes

We’re overjoyed to be joined by Caitlin Durante! Caitlin is a writer, comedian and co-host of the hugely successful Bechdel Cast, a podcast about the representation of women in film. As a stand-up she has performed all over America as well as the Edinburgh Fringe festival. She teaches screenwriting workshops from her home in L.A., drawing on her knowledge as a story analyst and script expert. Jade talks to Caitlin about her writing process, tips for forming solid characters from a range of backgrounds, and how (shock horror) James Cameron’s Titanic does not have a good screenplay!

Find out more about Caitlin’s classes on her website: https://www.caitlindurante.com/

Follow her on social media: @caitlindurante

Find out more about David’s new course, Zen and the Art of Composing: https://www.facebook.com/zencomposing or email zencomposing@gmail.com 

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